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Brother EM-530 TypewriterBrother Reconditioned EM-530 Business Typewriter - Features Automatic continuous and word-by-word underlining, Caps Lock key for typing capital letters and numbers without touching the shift key, Automatic centering - 3 ways, Decimal tabulation, Expanded typing, Right margin flush, Spell Checker, Super and subscript, Line and paragraph indent, Framing, Automatic carriage return, Automatic paper insertion, variable Hot Zone, Auto repeat for all characters and functions, 5 line format memories.  Read More
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Brother EM-530 Reconditioned Typewriter  ($499.95 - $279.95)

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Brother EM-630 Reconditioned TypewriterBrother EM-630 Reconditioned Business Typewriter - Features an 80 Character LCD Display. 40 character by 2 line LCD display plus 32K storage memory lets you type, store, recall, edit and print. Standard 3.5" 720KB Floppy Disk Drive. Provides unlimited memory. Allows transfer of ASCII files to and from PC's. Letter Quality Daisy Wheel Printing.

Simplicity and reliability... it's now easier than ever to achieve professional quality printing. Special Printing Effects. By using underlining and bold typing, you can add emphasis to special words and phrases. Total Correction System. Automatic "Word-Out", "Line-Out" and Full Line Lift-Off Correction Memory allows you to remove a single character, word or complete line at the touch of a key. Spell Checker. Built-in corrector dictionary, programmable user dictionary and redundancy check alerts you to spelling and typing errors and offers suggestions for corrections.  Read More

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Brother EM-630-R Reconditioned Typewriter  ($549.95 - $349.95)

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